Mass Retail

Maximize profit on all your products

Mass retailers have the unique challenge of staying up to date on the pricing and merchandising for more products than any other industry. It can be overwhelming to take on such a task, but that’s where WisePricer’s dynamic pricing and assortment solutions come in to help.

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Pricing Solutions for Your Industry

144 Products Require Actions:

81Eligible for
Price Increase
63Eligible for
Price Reduction
14399% Matched with

150 items:
industries-chart_green56 items (40%) are Optimized
industries-chart_red86 items (60%) are NOT Optimized

Competitive Intelligence

Keeping track of competitors’ pricing on the countless products and categories you sell across is incredibly difficult to do manually, especially when trying to monitor a large number of competitors. WisePricer offers pricing intelligence solutions to target any industry you need using our own advanced product tracking and matching technology.

Automated Repricing

Even if you carry hundreds of thousands of SKUs, automatic repricing means you can ensure that your items are priced optimally around the clock. Easily set rules to change product prices according to competitor prices, conversion rates, site traffic, sales performance, time of sales, and more!

Advanced Analytics

Data is great, but analysis is better. If you’re using WisePricer’s automated repricing, you can easily A/B test your pricing strategy. See the results for each of your pricing rules, justify the impact on profitability and/or revenue, and make highly informed, optimized pricing decisions.

Product Assortment

Merchandising such a large and diverse product catalog can be a daunting task, but staying on top of your inventory assortment is critical to success. Our Assortment feature allows you to understand how your inventory compares to competitors. Monitor products that overlap, and see what products you should be selling that your competitors already are.