Sales Use Case

Sell More, Sell Better

Wiser Solutions has all the tools your sales teams need to close deals and see happy customers thanks to comprehensive business intelligence.

Support your sales efforts with:

  • Competitive price intelligence
  • In-store insights
  • MAP monitoring

Supercharge Sales Growth

Don’t let potential customers leave without buying. Wiser Solutions’ suite of retail analytics tools provides high-quality online and in-store data so you can understand what happens at the point of sale—and why you might not be winning in the (virtual) store and on the shelf.

Features Fit for You

Leave poor sales execution in the past with custom retail analytics for your day-to-day flow. Monitor competitor prices and promotions, track out-of-stock inventory, and see which brands are recommended by in-store associates. Get the visibility you need to confidently understand why a product sells and why another one doesn’t.

High-Quality, Validated Business Intelligence

Wiser Solutions takes its data quality seriously. Wiser captures brick-and-mortar data via a network of smartphone-enabled mystery shoppers across the U.S. and Canada. All in-store data is validated by our in-house team for accuracy. Online data is gathered via proprietary algorithms that crawl websites and our match rates, match accuracy, and match completeness back up our confidence.

Gain a Partner in Wiser

Hit your sales targets and save time while doing so. Wiser Solutions will make your job easier, faster, and more effective. Our business intelligence automates workflows so you can cut out manual processes and become more competitive.

Fix out-of-stocks. Set the best price. Upgrade store operations. No matter your goals, Wiser is here to help.

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