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Live Price Check

Market listening for eCommerce.

    Experience a unique way of listening to eCommerce marketplaces with Wiser Solutions Live Price Check. This simple plug-in for Chrome and Firefox browsers triggers when you visit a retailer’s website, highlighting products directly on the page for easy analysis.

    No new software to learn, no confusing interface to click through—just fast, clear insights.

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    Measure Your Position Compared to Your Market

    Get the answers to the following questions in seconds after you visit an eCommerce website:

    • Am I the cheapest supplier for the products promoted on our homepage?
    • What is my price difference compared to the cheapest competitor for each product in a specific category?
    • Which competitor was the first to run a promotion for a specific product?

    These aren’t the only insights captured. Our Live Price Check plug-in immediately displays embedded competitive data on the website so you get quick data visualizations and trends.

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    The Most Complete Market Listening Solution for eCommerce

    The value of this Wiser tool is in its simplicity, immediacy, and completeness. Install the plug-in on your browser and data appears when you load a website. It’s that simple. It’s also insightful. Items highlighted on the page will include:

    • Number of products listed.
    • Unavailable (out-of-stock) items.
    • Promotional gaps (where your competitor is running a promotion and you are not).

    Supplemental or Stand-Alone Tool

    Go to the same websites you already visit, except now with added insights layered on top of what you normally see. Many Wiser customers purchase Live Price Check as a supplemental tool in addition to another core Wiser offering—it pairs nicely with Market Intelligence and Price Intelligence, for example. However, Live Price Check is available as a stand-alone product.

    What’s Included with Wiser’s Live Price Check Plug-In


    Chrome or Firefox plug-in.


    Insights highlighted on top of eCommerce websites.


    That’s it. Even this list is simple.

    Who Uses Wiser’s Live Price Check?

    Retail professionals of all types turn to Wiser's online platform.


    • Research prices before major marketing launches to prepare for success.
    • Look up competitor prices on specific product lines to inform marketing tactics.
    • Monitor price changes over time to make the right marketing decisions at the right time.
    • Monitor and manage prices across multiple online channels.
    • See pricing recommendations to determine how your prices compare against competitors.
    • Grow your online channels with minimal effort and tailor pricing strategies to your goals.
    • Get category and brand-specific pricing insights.
    • Break down large scale product catalogs into manageable groupings.
    • Manage head, core, or tail SKUs and similar segments.
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