Wiser Solutions®

Retail Intelligence

Get visibility and insights into your retail conditions.

    Does poor visibility into retail conditions make it difficult to measure the performance of your in-store promotions, merchandising, and sales?

    How do you know where to focus your efforts? Which activities to prioritize?

    Instead, let Wiser Solutions' smartphone-enabled shoppers be your eyes and ears into brick-and-mortar execution. Get the visibility and insights you need to grow sales more efficiently across your entire retail channel.

    Improve In-Store Sales Performance

    Wiser works with you to understand your business objectives—then, deploys its crowd of shoppers at retailers across the U.S. to gather data on your behalf.

    This is beneficial for a variety of reasons:

    • Streamline growth at a relatively low cost compared to in-house solutions
    • Increase coverage and reach of store checks with Wiser’s nationwide network of smartphone-enabled shoppers
    • Identify and fix execution and compliance gaps
    • Audit store execution when and where it matters most
    wiserboard example

    Customers receive photos and store-level data to get an objective view into retail conditions inside stores, including at the shelf and at checkout. The result is a real-time view of what shoppers see.

    With Wiser, you can:

    • Keep track of inventory levels, on-shelf availability, planogram compliance, and other key on-shelf indicators to uncover business-critical issues in near real-time
    • Understand how in-store marketing, promotions and display strategies, as well as product placement and adjacencies, impact sales in individual stores
    • Monitor promotional displays, end caps, floor stands, and more to identify roadblocks to sales growth

    Monitor Competitor Activity

    How does competitor shelf presence impact your sales? How about product positioning? Display activity?

    Uncover new ideas about how to position and promote your products in order to win at the shelf.

    • Capture details about competitors’ inventory levels, share of shelf, unique SKU count, and volume to identify who is leading and lagging in your category
    • Track changes to competitor prices, promotional types, and discounting trends to understand the impact on sales by retailer or region
    • Monitor competitor display presence and identify which brands are present on the shelf to assess how competitor merchandising and displays are impacting shopper purchasing behavior

    Gauge Shopper Sentiment

    How do shoppers behave in stores? What are their preferences? How will their behavior change in the future?

    Use Wiser data to learn how your brand perception, as well as in-store displays, shelf health, and shelf presence, influence shoppers' purchasing decisions.

    • Survey shoppers to gauge their perceptions about brand preferences, product packaging, pricing, promotions, and more
    • Understand how brand and product placement, as well as promotional displays, impact shopper perceptions and their decisions to buy when at the shelf
    • Gauge shopper sentiment to uncover barriers to purchase that may prevent sales growth at different price points

    What’s Included with Wiser’s Retail Intelligence

    • Comprehensive, real-time insights on store performance and shopper sentiment across the U.S. and Canada.
    • View data and insights captured by shoppers during in-store retail audits.
    • See which stores have reported problems with execution, compliance, or in-store operations.
    • View and download photos captured in-store, with filters to narrow down photo selection by retailer, date completed, and more.
    • See each store and the results where shoppers have collected data.
    • Download the results of individual store visits in PDF format for quick and easy sharing.

    Wiser Solutions® Global Retail Intelligence Reach

    In-store visibility for your business where it matters most:

    global price intellignece reach map

    * Available in United States and Canada + Available in UK, Germany, France, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Poland, Turkey (partnership with Roamler)

    Who Uses Wiser’s Retail Intelligence Solutions?

    Retail professionals of all types turn to Wiser's retail analytics.


    • Track in-store conditions for new product launches and promotional displays.
    • Measure shopper sentiment to craft effective marketing strategies.
    • Assess what competitors are doing at the shelf, on displays, and more.
    • Monitor shelf presence to see how your brand is doing across regions and stores.
    • Get category and brand-specific pricing insights.
    • Create advanced pricing rules for complex business requirements.
    • Group product catalogs for easier repricing and analysis.
    • Build price bounds to ensure compliant pricing.
    • Assess how shoppers feel about your products, brand, or category at the shelf.
    • Understand point-of-use and consumption habits while consumers use your products.
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