Wiser Solutions®

Reseller Intelligence

Get visibility to maintain your competitive advantage.

    Are minimum advertised price (MAP) violators undermining your brand? Are these retailers risking the money you have invested in sales growth and distribution?

    Get the visibility you need to protect your brand's pricing power with Wiser Solutions. Identify and resolve MAP policy violations to maintain your competitive advantage in the minds of consumers, retail partners, and distributors.

    Monitor Retailer Prices at Scale

    Wiser Solutions locates and gathers prices for your products daily so you can track non-compliant retailers with ease. Screenshots are captured with each MAP violation along with price, vendor name, and merchant website.

    The Wiser app allows you to quickly distinguish between authorized and unauthorized sellers and note how MAP violations are trending over time.

    Prioritize your enforcement efforts by identifying which products and vendors are repeat offenders. Maintain flexibility by scheduling changes to MAP pricing during the important seasonal periods that matter most to your business.

    Wiser's Violation History Dashboard

    Establish Your MAP Policy Enforcement Strategy

    Decide on the best enforcement strategy for MAP violations by laying the groundwork for how you intend to communicate with retailers who violate MAP.

    Using Wiser as your hub for managing MAP policies, you can:

    • Keep track of vendor status and contact information in one place
    • Create email templates to automate your outreach and communications
    • Automatically attach your MAP policy and violation details to your vendor emails

    Take Corrective Action on MAP Violations

    Send out violation notices via email to reduce the number of MAP violations you experience over time and ensure retailers comply with your MAP policy.

    Wiser logs your communications so you always know who you contacted and when you sent the violation email.

    corrective action mockup

    Grow Your Authorized Sales Channels

    Uncover the identities and contact information for unauthorized or unknown sellers listing your products for sale online.

    With a range of investigative services, Wiser can identify these sellers and provide you with their contact information. Then, you can reach out to them directly and invite them to join your distribution network of authorized sellers.

    map monitoring dashboard

    What’s Included with Wiser’s Minimum Advertised Price Software

    • Monitor violation status, keep track of violation trends, and identify top violators.
    • Send time-stamped screenshots confirming when and where vendors violated MAP.
    • Create custom email templates to automatically include violation details.
    • View who you sent violation notice emails to and when you reached out.
    • Get emails delivered to your inbox to keep you informed of violation counts each day.

    Wiser Solutions® Global MAP Monitoring Reach

    MAP monitoring for your business where it matters most.

    global map monitoring reach map

    * Available in United States, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Netherlands, New Zealand

    Who Uses Wiser’s MAP Monitoring & Enforcement?

    Retail professionals of all types turn to Wiser's retail analytics.


    • Grow authorized sales channels by uncovering the identities of unknown and unauthorized sellers.
    • Protect existing customer relationships by taking corrective action against MAP violators.
    • Implement a minimum advertised price compliance workflow that scales with your business.
    • Streamline your business processes for managing and updating MAP.
    • Upload and maintain your MAP policy in a centralized place.
    • Create MAP enforcement emails to ensure compliance communications align with legal strategy.
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