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Market Intelligence

Get visibility on price, promotional activity, and review monitoring.

    Looking for ways to improve your market and revenue execution efforts? Support your eCommerce teams—such as Marketing, Sales, Pricing, and Category Management—with digestible data? Improve your market awareness, brand management, catalog strategy, and catalog performance?

    Then you want Wiser Solutions Market Intelligence software. This platform gives you the tools you need for visibility into online marketplaces.

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    Insights Across Your eCommerce Channels

    Turn to Wiser’s customizable platform when you need eCommerce competitive analysis across the marketplaces that drive sales for your business.

    Our Market Intelligence software is your eyes and ears into the online behavior of competitors, brands, or distributors. Logging in, you get easy access to your product ratings, SKU prices, competitor promotions, and more.

    This cutting-edge competitive analysis benefits you by:

    • Giving quick insight into prices across marketplaces, whether your own or your competitors, so you can identify price positions, pricing strategy opportunities, and more insights that increase sales.
    • Highlighting the current promotional landscape in your market, including barred prices, cash-back, stickers, and coupon codes.
    • Automating the once-manual process of collecting online data to simplify your workflows and make it easier than ever to confidently decide the best path forward.
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    Your Competitive Analysis Dashboard

    Wiser’s configurable dashboard opens up a world of possibilities with regard to how you slice, filter, and serve up your data. Do you prefer tables? Charts? Price? Base 100? The choice is yours.

    Pull up your dashboard view to easily define your scope—sites and categories—and desired format. Then let the software dynamically generate the desired report. Additional features include:

    • Trend curves to position your company at a given date and then follow the evolution of your offer over time.
    • Data exporting into Excel format so you can associate the data with other internal information, including inventory and sales volume.

    Customize and Manage Your Alerts

    Enjoy maximum comfort by personalizing your alerts. Define the criteria you want to monitor—thresholds, caps, negative reviews on a product—and our Market Intelligence software will inform you automatically.

    What’s Included with Wiser’s Market Intelligence Software

    • Customizable dashboard access.
    • Price, promotions, and reviews monitoring.
    • Competitive and category intelligence.
    • Site share intelligence.
    • Availability intelligence.

    Who Uses Wiser’s Market Intelligence Solutions?

    Retail professionals of all types turn to Wiser's online platform.


    • Research prices before major marketing launches to prepare for success.
    • Look up competitor prices on specific product lines to inform marketing tactics.
    • Monitor price changes over time to make the right marketing decisions at the right time.
    • Monitor and manage prices across multiple online channels.
    • See pricing recommendations to determine how your prices compare against competitors.
    • Grow your online channels with minimal effort and tailor pricing strategies to your goals.
    • Get category and brand-specific pricing insights.
    • Break down large scale product catalogs into manageable groupings.
    • Manage head, core, or tail SKUs and similar segments.
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