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Belami Ecommerce Case Study

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Belami Ecommerce needed a better way when their in-house competitive pricing tools weren’t working anymore.


The Ecommerce service provider’s product catalog was growing quickly, and the company needed to know exactly how their online retail competitors’ assortments were priced, when prices changed, and if minimum advertised price policies were respected. 


Download our free case study to learn how Wiser Solutions helped Belami address their pricing concerns by: 


  • Automating rule-based repricing 
  • Monitoring for MAP compliance 
  • Providing competitive pricing intelligence 
  • And more! 

Download our free case study today to get the whole picture! 

Learn how we've helped Belami Ecommerce become Wiser.

    How Wiser Drives Better Decisions

    • Billions of Data Points

      The most comprehensive coverage both online and in-store with more data points added every day

    • World Class Support

      Every customer is assigned a dedicated account manager to ensure success

    • Actionable Insights

      Easily analyze big data to make confident decisions that drive impactful results

    • Omnichannel Coverage

      A complete view of the retail landscape on and offline to optimize your entire business

    • High Quality Data

      We combine the power of data science with 
human validation to ensure the highest quality and accuracy

    • Increased Efficiency

      Automated data collection and workflow processes for measurable cost and time savings