Wiser Solutions™ Compliance

Protect your brand by ensuring pricing and merchandising compliance across your entire reseller network

MAP Monitoring & Case Management

Protect your brand from MAP violators and gray market sellers more efficiently

  • Eliminate manual monitoring with automated pricing surveillance and unauthorized seller detection to identify and take action on Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) violators.
  • Empower your team by automating case management workflows to retail partners, track behavior post notifications, and get screenshots as proof of MAP violations.
  • Turn reseller insights into opportunities by identifying gray market sellers that could be converted into authorized retailers and which products to remove major marketing spend from.
  • Avoid brand damage by proactively monitoring for red flags indicating possible counterfeit items, such as products priced significantly below MSRP
In-Store Merchandising

Focus in-store merchandising compliance efforts with real-time, crowdsourced datasets

  • Optimize merchandising partnerships, workflows, and field teams by uncovering non-compliant stores and focusing efforts on those locations.
  • Monitor promotional displays, end caps, floor stands, and more inside stores and uncover compliance issues before they impact sales.
  • Create actionable alerts and discover in-store blind-spots quickly and efficiently.

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