About DrVita

Wayne Gorsek saw that there was a need for better nutritional supplements, and that’s why he founded DrVita. DrVita works hard to formulate and manufacture the highest quality nutraceuticals in the marketplace. DrVita is just one part of DrVita Inc., which also includes Nature’s Lab and Warm Springs Beauty products.

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“Wiser does the work of 3 employees and has saved us almost $75,000 per year.”

Wayne Gorsek
Founder & CEO

Life Before Wiser

DrVita struggled to:

  • 1Know what the competition was doing in their space
  • 2Monitor known competitors
  • 3Reprice 15,000 SKUs
  • 4Determine which products to begin carrying and how to price them

Why Wiser


DrVita wanted a less time-consuming way to keep up with competitors and reprice in real-time. WisePricer now allows them to do this with an easy to use dashboard that keeps track of pricing and inventory across numerous stores. Now manual price research and changes are a thing of the past.