About Desigual

Desigual is a truly global brand that is challenging the status quo with its unique fashion for men, women, and children. With stores all over the world and a website that reaches shoppers in 72 countries, it has grown exponentially since its beginnings in 1984.

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“Before we did a lot of manual work which resulted in errors and only ‘ad-hoc’ analysis. WiseMapper was able to provide information that made data-driven decisions possible.”

Manuel Bruscas Bellido
Analytics and Insights

Manuel Bellido

Three Pain Points

pain points
  • 1Lacked a thorough way of monitoring how distributors and wholesalers were pricing its products
  • 2Unable to understand average discounts its channels applied
  • 3Burdened with manual work to collect disjointed pricing information

WiseMapper Tackles Tough Issues


Provides in-depth analytics that makes data-driven decisions possible


Monitors pricing across numerous resellers


Helps Desigual have a uniform understanding of how its products are priced


Produces digestible daily pricing reports automatically for Desigual’s key products and channels


Allows Desigual to quickly and easily add new products to monitor