How Wiser’s competitive insights helped scale their business.

About Desigual

Desigual is a truly global brand that is challenging the status quo with its unique fashion for men, women, and children. With stores all over the world and a website that reaches shoppers in 72 countries, it has grown exponentially since its beginnings in 1984.

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“Before we did a lot of manual work which resulted in errors and only ‘ad-hoc’ analysis. WiseMapper was able to provide information that made data-driven decisions possible.”


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Three Pain Points

  • Lacked a thorough way of monitoring how distributors and wholesalers were pricing its products
  • Unable to understand average discounts its channels applied
  • Burdened with manual work to collect disjointed pricing information
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WiseMapper Tackles Tough Issues

  • Provides in-depth analytics that makes data-driven decisions possible
  • Monitors pricing across numerous resellers
  • Helps Desigual have a uniform understanding of how its products are priced
  • Produces digestible daily pricing reports automatically for Desigual’s key products and channels
  • Allows Desigual to quickly and easily add new products to monitor

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