American RV Company

About American RV Company

With 50+ years of experience, American RV Company brings confidence and knowledge to the table while bringing the best parts at an outstanding price. In order to serve customers better, American RV Company is always searching for new products. If they find something that works for them as well as their customers, they will carry it and make sure that customers never overpay for anything!

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“WisePricer provides us with complete control so that we can make confident pricing decisions.”

Kevin Wishek
Sales Manager

New Kid on the Amazon Block

Shortly after starting to sell on Amazon, American RV Company faced three main challenges:
  • 1They were unsure of how competitive they were on the massive marketplace
  • 2Sales were much slower, compared to other marketplaces
  • 3Amazon repriced rapidly and it seemed impossible to keep up

WisePricer Ensures a Competitive Price Every Time

  • 1Provides insight into how their pricing stacks up against the competition
  • 2Enables American RV Company to create repricing rules in order to manage pricing and protect margin
  • 3Makes it possible to segment products and create separate rules by product category
  • 4Gives complete control, so they can make confident pricing decisions