Wiser For Brick and Mortar Retailers

Enhance pricing responsiveness with in-store dynamic pricing. Wiser keeps brick and mortar stores up to speed.

“WisePricer has changed the way we do business. We can now accurately know how our products are priced within the landscape and make real time pricing changes.”


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Keeping Up with Online Competitors

Many brick and mortar retailers fear for the future of retail as they know it, especially since price matching online retailers isn’t always the best strategy. There’s also the challenge of responding to market fluctuations quickly when your online counterparts are repricing at what seems like the speed of light. So how can brick and mortar retailers keep up in an online world?

Dynamic Pricing For Brick And Mortar Retail

Introducing Wiser’s price intelligence, automation, and analytics for brick-and-mortar retail. WiseDisplay can ensure your brick and mortar stores don’t get left in the dust as online retailers reprice frequently. Set your pricing rules and push pricing updates to multiple stores through synced digital price tags. WiseDisplay manages your pricing in a centralized system and updates your pricing according to a chosen pricing strategy.

With Wiser, brick and mortar retailers can keep up with the online retail industry with in-store dynamic pricing.


Price Intelligence | Repricing Automation | Price Optimization

wisedisplay monitor
  • Marketplace insights help improve your pricing strategy
  • Manage your pricing within a centralized system,
  • Seamless integration with your electronic shelf label (ESL) system

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