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Protect your MAP by monitoring your product pricing across thousands of online retailers.

“Managing reseller pricing is critical to maintaining brand integrity. WiseMapper allows us to easily and accurately monitor and police our pricing without all the manual work.”


Manuel Bellido

Preserve Brand Identity and Pricing

As a brand or manufacturer, you know that pricing plays a significant role in shaping brand perception. Unfortunately, monitoring your product pricing across your growing network of retailers can be a huge challenge to effectively manage as you scale. You take the time to set Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) for each of your products, but how can you make sure that your resellers are abiding by it?

Have Thousands Of Resellers? No Problem

For brands and manufacturers with enormous reseller networks, monitoring and policing MAP policies can be incredibly challenging and time-consuming. Wiser’s brand protection solution enables you to automate the process within a centralized system.

Easily identify which retailers are in violation of your MAP policies and by how much – with the proof to back it up. Generate reports to determine what products are most frequently priced below MAP, or which retailers are on their worst behavior. WiseMapper is on your side, to make sure everyone gets their fair share.

Preserve your pricing, and your brand, with WiseMapper.


MAP Monitoring & Enforcement | Case Management

  • Pricing data across multiple channels and marketplaces
  • Customizable reports and automated reporting
  • Case management and notifications for better enforcement
  • MAP violation screenshots

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