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Non-compliance with MAP creating friction with your existing retail partners? Your teams spending too much time monitoring prices and enforcing MAP, instead of selling? MAP compliance issues limiting your sales opportunities and putting other relationships at-risk?

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Find your solution with Wiser when you must optimize your sales efforts with accurate data.

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Gain pricing visibility to monitor and identify resellers at scale who are in violation of MAP

Keep resellers compliant with a suite of communication tools that automate parts of your communication workflow

Protect existing business and create new sales opportunities by capturing the identity of unauthorized sellers and converting them into authorized retail partners

Does this sound familiar?

Stephanie is Head of Sales. She needs to know that retailers online are compliant with MAP so her team can finalize a major purchase order with one of the largest retail accounts in North America. She doesn't want her team spending precious time and resources having to monitor this —she needs them to focus on driving new business because she has numbers to hit.

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Head of Sales

If so, then check this out:

Read how Belami Ecommerce took control of their online pricing during a key growth phase. Belami paired with Wiser to automate repricing, improve MAP monitoring, and gain accurate competitive intel.

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What about this?

William is a Sales Director. He’s noticed that it’s become increasingly difficult to negotiate pricing with his authorized sellers. With unauthorized sellers popping up and undercutting his authorized sellers, they have begun to demand lower prices to stay competitive. He needs to find a way to protect his brand and his margins, while maintaining a strong relationship with his resellers.

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Sales Director

Then take a look:

Wiser's guide to protecting your brand from unauthorized sellers covers how to identify and monitor unauthorized sellers, and online enforcement strategies that retail industry leaders are using today.

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How online solutions work.

Wiser’s online solutions range from MAP monitoring to automated repricing. Here’s how they work.

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Eliminate manual monitoring with automated data collection

Monitor for MAP violators and uncover identities of unknown and unauthorized sellers

Prioritize your MAP enforcement efforts with your online dashboard

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