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Does this sound familiar?

Jennifer is a VP of Consumer Insights. Her current research vendors provide datasets based on historical performance using samples. However, Jennifer wants to capture same-week data across store locations identified by her team. That way, she can share data with her coworkers in near real-time.

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VP of Consumer Insights

If so, then check this out:

Wiser’s network of smartphone-enabled shoppers brings you insightful consumer data from the retailers and store locations you need with same-week results. Check out how this looks in action.

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What about this?

Michael is a Sr. Director of Insights. He needs to gain competitive intel on how shoppers view other brands in-store. However, he doesn’t have the tools to collect photo evidence of price, stock levels, facings, and associate knowledge to compare at scale.

I want to increase sales


Sr. Director of Insights

Then take a look:

Wiser’s Scorecards are concise, visual reports that score and benchmark your brick-and-mortar partners’ performance. See how this helps you get all the data you need to prioritize corrective action and make confident decisions.

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How Brick-and-Mortar Solutions Work.

Wiser’s brick-and-mortar solutions range from merchandising compliance to shopper sentiment.

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