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Finding it difficult to keep up with what consumers want? Brick-and-mortar sales programs missing the mark? Spending too much time making sense of your data and not enough on taking action?

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Find your solution with Wiser when you need to create a winning channel marketing strategy that increase sales and enhances your brand’s position in the market.

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Use Wiser data to measure in-store activations

Poll thousands of in-store shoppers on promotional effectiveness

Gain front-of-store data on broker and store operations effectiveness

Does this sound familiar?

Michelle is a Director of Channel Marketing. She needs to report on brick-and-mortar product launches across hundreds of big-box retailers. However, her in-house teams don’t have the bandwidth to track the launches nor ask shoppers questions in support of Michelle’s goals. She can’t test activations, demos, promotions, and more – and is left to create effective marketing initiatives without accurate data.

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Director of Channel Marketing

If so, then check this out:

Wiser asked shoppers for their thoughts on seasonal displays and how brick-and-mortar features motivated buyers. See what they said so you can create more engaging channel marketing campaigns.

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What about this?

David is a Channel Marketing Manager. He must track the evolution of his shoppers’ behavior, needs, and wants. However, David doesn’t have the tools to ask thousands of shoppers how they behave inside stores, including which promotions, displays, and other factors drive sales. Instead, David faces the challenge of creating effective marketing tactics that aren’t tailored directly to his shoppers’ preferences.

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Channel Marketing Manager

Then take a look:

Collect insights straight from consumers to create more effective displays and marketing initiatives to drive sales. Here's a sneak peek of some of the actionable insights you can gather with Wiser.

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How Brick-and-Mortar Solutions Work.

Wiser’s brick-and-mortar solutions range from merchandising compliance to shopper sentiment. Here’s how they work.

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Determine which in-store benchmarks to measure

Create custom in-store missions

Deploy network of crowdsourced mystery shoppers or field teams

Validate the data to ensure integrity

Deliver accurate, insightful data to you

Act on insights revealed by the data

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