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Quickly and easily identify which products are top-sellers on a daily basis within the categories of your choosing. Then receive automated reports with up to 12 product attributes, including category, brand, price, and rating.

Use Best Seller Intelligence to understand marketplace performance and make more informed assortment decisions at scale.

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    What You Get with Wiser's Best Seller Intelligence

    Marketplaces' own data on best sellers can be an important competitive intelligence metric, but a core issue is how data is spread across all categories. It's more of a guide to how well a product is selling overall than how it is selling compared to other items within its category.

    This isn't always perfect for brands and retailers. It's often better to have a clear comparison within categories. It's also helpful to know how the top-selling items are rated, their review quality, and how their product review counts are trending month-over-month.

    This level of detail is provided with Wiser's Best Seller Intelligence—a configurable dataset of best-selling products and their attributes on a daily basis.

    Amazon's Best Seller Category Comparisons

    Choose Your Marketplace Categories

    Select categories relevant to your business to:

    • Support product research
    • Measure consumer sentiment
    • Analyze competitors
    • Inform marketing and sales strategies
    • and more!

    Select the categories to see which products are performing well on major marketplaces.

    The value is in the comparisons by category. With Wiser, customers have a snapshot of category performance on Amazon, eBay, or another marketplace not readily available by manually searching the website's list of top sellers.

    They can then use this data to refine their approaches to marketplace selling. Which items are selling? Why are they selling? How can they tweak their product listings to beat these sellers?

    Wiser's Best Seller Report

    What is Amazon Best Sellers Rank?

    Best seller rankings are most commonly found on the Amazon marketplace. According to Amazon, its Best Sellers Rank is an overview of the top-performing items sold on its website.

    This seller list provides a snapshot of the most popular items on Amazon. It is updated hourly to reflect a near-real-time report of what is selling overall across the marketplace. However, the Best Sellers Rank isn't a perfect reflection of top performers within a specific category, just across all categories.

    What is Amazon's Best Seller Rank?

    How is Amazon Best Sellers Rank Calculated?

    The exact method that Amazon uses to calculate its Best Sellers Rank is not known (outside of Amazon). What is known is that Amazon uses recent and historical Amazon.com sales to make up its list.

    Some sources speculate that Amazon also uses predictive modeling to anticipate future sales of a specific item and takes this into account. This is evidenced by newer products outranking older ones with more historical sales data. That newer product has more potential in the eyes of Amazon, and thus a better rank.

    Unfortunately, there is no evidence that Amazon uses product reviews to calculate its Best Sellers Rank, so products with plenty of positive reviews won’t have an advantage.

    How is Amazon's Best Seller Rank Calculated?

    Why are the Best Sellers on Amazon Important?

    Amazon is one of the largest search engines in the world. Jeff Bezos reported in 2018 that Amazon Prime had passed 100 million subscribers worldwide. Estimates put Amazon.com's average monthly website visitors well over 200 million.

    How do most of those visitors interact with Amazon? By typing a product name or category in the top search bar. What's a critical factor that motivates them to click on one specific product page among thousands? The best-seller label.

    Search is how the majority of Amazon shoppers find a product on the marketplace, either the Amazon search bar or a search engine such as Google. The Best Sellers Rank is one factor that shoppers may consider before buying, or they can use the list of top-sellers to narrow down their product searches.

    Use Wiser's Amazon Best Sellers data to quickly and easily identify best sellers by category and learn if full access to Wiser data can support your eCommerce efforts.

    Why are the Best Sellers on Amazon Important?