Discover how Wiser’s dynamic pricing generated a 10% lift in revenue for

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Launched in 1996, internet-based has seen astounding growth, garnering multiple awards and a loyal, satisfied customer base that continues to grow. What truly sets them apart isn’t just the excellent customer service, but the combination of an easy purchasing experience and highly competitive, market driving prices

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“Our latest round of dynamic pricing with Wiser generated a 10% lift in revenues and 4% lift in profit across two of our major product lines.”

Pain points

  • 1No visibility into how they were priced against the market place.
  • 2Inability to identify where they were priced inefficiently.
  • 3Need for automation to sustain sophisticated analyses and advanced price modeling for long-term growth.

Wiser is a match made in heaven


Wiser has a turnkey platform that not only provides all the pricing intelligence needed to make their business more competitive, but couples the data with world class analyst support to generate real lift in revenue and profits. Wiser’s analysts help find insights from the data and employ actionable strategies to drive growth.

  • 1Ability to set custom groups by filters to conduct deep-dive analyses on.
  • 2Analytics tool shows the impact that repricing makes to the bottom line.
  • 3Dynamic pricing engine generates lift in revenue and profit dollars in key categories.
  • 4Analyst conducted demand elasticity analysis to capitalize on the optimized prices.