WiseDynamic - Automated Dynamic Repricing
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Self-learning repricing algorithm
that continuously optimizes prices


Retailers using Wiser see a

Increase In
Sales Revenue
Increase In
Conversion Rate
Increase In
Bottom-Line Profit

How it Works

Regression model leverages historic sales data to create a demand estimation engine
Dynamic algorithm aggregates several pricing variables to set an optimal price by SKU where profit is maximized
Self-learning algorithm continuously recalculates variables to adjust to a dynamic marketplace
Key variables include seasonality, competitor prices, historic sales volumes,
demand elasticity,
and profitability triggers.

Advanced Analytics

  • WiseDynamic automatically analyzes your
    data and feeds it back into your repricing
    algorithm to keep it optimized
  • See the revenue results in real time to
    justify the impact

Price Optimization

  • WiseDynamic finds the pricing sweet spots
    enabling retailers to easily optimize
    product pricing
  • Each item is priced optimally according
    to conversion rates, competitors, traffic to
    SKU, price elasticity, demand curves, and more

Choose Your Strategy

  • Maximum Profit
  • Maximum Revenue while
    Maintaining Profit Margin
  • Maximum Revenue without
    Maintaining Your Margin

Machine Learning

  • No need to set pricing rules; put your trust in our dynamic pricing algorithm designed by top industry experts
  • WiseDynamic's self-learning algorithm optimizes prices based on your chosen strategy and historical data